Mother’s Day

To all mothers and any woman hoping to be a mother

Chinese wisdom may help mothers, infertility and pregnancy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our vital substance Blood is the mother of our qi (energy). First of all, the quality of our Blood is essential. The quality is apparently determined by what we inherit from our parents and our food. In addition, particular foods, a good quality diet, adequate absorption, enough rest and moderate exercise (not excessive) in Chinese medicine helps to build and move Blood. Minimise blood loss from blood testing.

Also, women need extra nutrition to replace blood loss, e.g. during menstruation, following a miscarriage and childbirth. Foods include enough protein, chlorophyll-rich foods, beans, e.g. aduki beans, apricots (unsulphured), beetroot, cherries, dandelion, kiwi, nettle, seaweed, e.g. dulse, grains, e.g. wholegrain brown rice, green herbs and green vegetables etc. In addition to diet please read the sections of this blog on kidney, liver and gut if you are struggling to get pregnant.

Dulse may affect the thyroid. Furthermore, pregnancy may be draining for women. During pregnancy and breastfeeding women generally need good nutrition. Finally, seek professional advice if you have a medical condition with too much iron or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not all of the above foods or herbs may be suitable for you to take.