World Health Day – Gut clearing

Spring clean your intestines

On this World Health Day, it is time to consider spring cleaning your gut or intestines. Seek professional advice if you are pregnant.

Many products and foods may help including mild curries, wholegrain shortgrain brown rice (longgrain brown rice may also help), soups (containing spices, cooked onions and garlic) and spices such as cumin, turmeric and garam masalaKiwi may help with mild constipation. Other foods such as papaya and fresh pineapple are thought to help with mild symptoms.

If you find that your gut will not clear then please refer to the blog section on a plan for the liver (e.g. no alcohol, milk thistle tincture, mild curry powder and use some raw onions and garlic particularly in soup along with larger amounts of cumin, garam masala, turmeric etc for at least a month – it may take longer depending on how severe the problem is). In fact to maintain the health of your gut in the longterm it would be better to keep some brown rice, spices and onions in your diet on a regular basis (at least once weekly) as well as limiting alcohol etc. Seek professional advice if you still have problems as it is vital that your gut is working well. Personally, I found that colonic irrigation did not suit me. Other products such as wheatgrass and clay also did not suit. If onions or any spice does not suit you then try a smaller amount initially or other foods mentioned or a different spice and triphala juice once you have some done some work on your liver and gut. I found that cayenne pepper and chilli left a burning sensation in my mouth and stomach so I don’t use these spices. 

Recently I tried triphala juice, and it seemed particularly effective. It caused some pain for a few minutes as the intestines cleaned and it cleared a small bit of excess weight that would not reduce with diet or exercise. However, note that I had taken quite a few spices and rice etc before the triphala juice.

If your stools seem too dry then soup and watermelon may help.