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About Grá Ultana Ltd

Details of the first book to be published by Grá Ultana Ltd along with poster cards are available on

Consultancy and Talks
Consultancy and talks are available at an hourly rate or by quotation. Topics include complementary therapies such as acupuncture, kinesiology and flower remedies, or business setup, innovation, project management, writing and publishing a book. Readings from a children’s book are also available for schools and other interested organisations.

Environmentally friendly
Where possible, Grá Ultana Ltd is aiming to be environmentally friendly:
– Paper in the book is from FSC sources
– Book is not shrink wrapped in plastic
– Poster Cards are in a manilla folder
– Packaging is recyclable and contains no plastic
– Products are available to collect instead of posting 
– Online ordering
– Order in bulk to reduce postage and packaging
– Samples of products are available to view online
– No return policy for products.

Too many qualifications to mention however a few are:
MSc in Innovation Management
PGCE in Maths and ICT
PGDip in Acupuncture
Numerous years of experience of project management, therapies and writing. 

Private consultations in relation to health (diet, lifestyle and complementary therapies) are available either online or by appointment. A variety of non-needle techniques are available.

Tutoring can be provided privately upon request generally up to GCSE level Mathematics and A Level Computing. Any other tutoring requests will be considered for example, one or more lessons to assist with a particular topic or project either online or by appointment. 

Quotations can be provided for report writing including strategies, commenting on current papers or to make existing documents much more user-friendly and concise. I have recently enjoyed writing a children’s book and poetry.

Booking or quotation


Text or phone: +44 78 2652 6238

It would likely be cheaper to email or text initially. 

Do not send confidential, sensitive or personal information by email.


Results of a few competitions!

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