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Love your health

Love your health You must look after your own health: Keep your blood and organs (Do not give any to anyone for blood testing, blood donation..) Do not poison yourself (Toxic substances may include sanitisers, alcohol, vaccines, mercury, radiation, diy products, fuel, household cleaning products, perfumes, personal care products etc. If it smells toxic do …

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Wonderful Winter

Wonderful Winter Hope you have a wonderful Winter. Winter remedies Sore throat – Suck Urticalcin tablets as per the product instructions (from The Nature Doctor by Dr Vogel 1995 edition). Gargle with warm water and a small bit of salt (spit out after gargling). I found that gargling with a few drops of tea-tree oil in …

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Cultivate Culture

Cultivate Culture Listen to cultured music! Listening to cultured music is a wonderful sophisticated way of keeping in tune. Reliving memories of melodies, singers or musical instruments that inspire is reckoned to be good for the mind.

To fast or not to fast

To fast or not to fast Fasting has been mentioned for quite a few centuries, however fasting does not suit certain people and can cause side-effects such as fainting, nausea, vomiting or worse! In my personal experience, I found it much better to eat three healthy moderate meals a day and to include fresh raw …

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Think Tao (TT)

Think Tao (TT) When finding the way think Tao. Wise Tao trusts intuition as a concept along with life experiences in the temporal world to find a path towards the principle of the wonderful way of Tao. Chinese philosophy informs the road to attaining real tangible Tao. Transcend, transform and try naturally to be in …

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An overdose of sadness

An overdose of sadness Hope you have a wonderful autumn. Let it go From calamities, famine, funerals and wakes to wars, civilisations have excelled in the promotion of unnecessary grief and loss for many centuries. Overdosing on sadness may affect the lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This autumn breathe in nature’s fresh air, choose a healthy …

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Evict ennui and exhaustion!

Evict ennui and exhaustion! Find the root causes! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine moderation is usually best. Too much exercise, study or work for a prolonged length of time may exhaust the body physically as well as affect the Qi and Blood. The length of time will depend on the person’s original constitution as well …

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The aetiology of heat

The aetiology of heat Achieve your potential – overcome the heat Emotionally fiery fury, frustration and stress can lead to lucid, rational thoughts which overtime with oppression, persecution and suppression may evolve. Fuel can be added to this fire by heating foods such as alcohol, drugs, excess spices or very hot spices and fatty foods. …

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Raised from the cold

Raised from the cold Excessive cold may cause problems in the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Internally, it may affect the stomach, intestines and uterus with issues such as pain, digestive and fertility problems. Externally, it is advised to ensure that the whole body including hands, arms, feet, knees, lower back, neck, throat, shoulders …

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