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International Day of Sport

Sport of swimming On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, I went swimming. In the pool, the water was warmish and not too cold. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers it essential to get thoroughly dried ensuring dry hair after swimming and during menstruation, to avoid swimming. Finally, bathing in cold water, particularly during menstruation, is regarded as

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Mother’s Day

To all mothers and any woman hoping to be a mother Chinese wisdom may help mothers, infertility and pregnancy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our vital substance Blood is the mother of our qi (energy). First of all, the quality of our Blood is essential. The quality is apparently determined by what we inherit from our parents and our food.

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Water Day

Drink water On this World Water Day drink pure water. Some say drink away from meals, e.g. at least 20 minutes before meals and an hour afterwards. Others say drink water at least at room temperature and perhaps warm first thing in the morning and well before breakfast.  Chinese medicine mentions drinking liquids at room temperature

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Nightcap for sleep

Nightcap A nightcap and complementary therapies may help sleep. Also, I sleep best with blackout blinds or blackout lining on curtains.  In addition, I usually turn the wifi off, take all plugs out and turn any mobile devices off.  A pleasant tasting drink at night is warm almond milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a little

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Green Juice

How to make green juice First of all, my green juice today contains vegetable, herb and fruit. Put two stalks of celery, a fist full of parsley, one kiwi with the skin removed and a little water in the blender and blend. Finally, pour into a glass and drink! You can add more water if necessary.

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