Poster Cards (The Heroic Escapades of Whiz Macgael) English and French


English and French

This pack for Age 7+ contains: 3 Poster Cards (double-sided A4), 1 Postcard (A6), 15 circular Stickers (51mm) and a How to use leaflet inside a manila folder. The contents contain English (GB and Ireland) with early language learning in French. Use this pack on its own or alongside a book called ‘The Heroic Escapades of Whiz Macgael’.

These early language learning poster cards introduce caring for a dog, responsibility, fire safety, helping a dog regain health, life-saving and living on a farm. Colourful photographs and illustrations are included as well as introductory English and French words. The poster cards can be used as themes alongside activities such as dog training, fire safety, life-saving, walking, swimming, visiting a farm, fire station and a vet to enhance skills.

This pack is non-returnable for hygiene reasons so please ensure you read about the product online before purchase

This product is printed to order so may take a few weeks from order until delivery. Note this may suit children younger than 7 if they have the ability to learn a second language earlier.

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Poster Cards

This innovative method has been created and designed by U McRory. Key learning, pictures and phrases have been taken from The Heroic Escapades of Whiz Macgael book and the colourful poster cards can be used to assist learning languages and other skills. Display the poster cards at home or in the classroom. It is suggested that you focus on one poster card at a time until the phrases have become easily understood. In addition, you may wish to include activities that suit the poster card while it is on display e.g. visit a farm while the Living on a Farm poster card is on display. Stickers are available to encourage or use with art. Once some language has been accomplished then the postcard can be used to reinforce learning. Further information is available on

Dimensions 35.5 × 25.5 × 0.3 cm