The Heroic Escapades of Whiz Macgael


Join Whiz Macgael, the friendly super dog, on three heroic escapades: barking bravely when the farm shed ignites, heroically helping rescue a child from a lake and courageously receiving treatment from a vet.

Written in the English language (Britain and Ireland) for Age 7+, this hardback book includes three captivating stories, vivid photographs, beautiful illustrations as well as the heroic antics of Whiz Macgael which cleverly introduce dog care, fire and water safety. Additionally, early language learning is included by translating selected words into two languages (French and Irish). Finally, there is an Extras section with a language word summary. Books are non-returnable for hygiene reasons. A book sample is available in a Book2Look Biblet. Further information is available on

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ISBN: 9780955664915
Brand: Grá Ultana Ltd
Interest Level:
Age 7+
Genre: Children’s fiction animal story
64 pages
Dimensions: 264 x 210mm
Type: Hardback book with colour photographs and illustrations
Cost: £10 + postage and packaging.
Books are non-returnable for hygiene
reasons. Accessible with clear print in
Andika New Basic 14 point.

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Dimensions 26.4 × 21 × 0.8 cm