Suggestions for Change

Here are some of my suggestions for change. Complaining, in my experience, has not always worked or does not usually work quickly enough. Grateful if you can help or advise of countries where changes have been made. 

                                            Age 18+

The content on this page is best suited to those age 18+. If you have health issues or if you have had a bereavement you may find some items on this page upsetting or perhaps enlightening. If you continue to read the suggestions for change you do so at your own risk.

1. B12

For high quality powdered and liquid supplements in various forms e.g. B12, folic acid (including the naturally active form methylfolate and folate which may not suit everyone) etc. to be made freely available to those who require these supplements.

2. Blood testing

For a significant reduction in unnecessary and repeat blood testing or donation. Also, for functional medicine tests to be the absolute minimum standard (includes testing for heavy metals, chemicals, vitamins, minerals etc.). Pin prick should be sufficient or ideally a system that does not require any blood.

3. Car Tax
Car tax should be paid only for the dates required and likely for the same periods that the car is insured. Paying from the start of a month is unnecessary.

4. Complementary Therapies

For osteopathy, cranial osteopathy and acupuncture (from fully trained practitioners, not medical acupuncture) to be available to all who wish to have these therapies.

5. Death registration and organ donation

To ensure that death certificates issue only when a person is 100% deceased, that organs cannot be removed and wills cannot be administered unless the person is 100% deceased. No fake funerals!

6. Desserts

Limit significantly and perhaps ban desserts (and sugar, sweets etc.) in schools, hospitals, nursing and residential homes. In particular, consider a ban if there are any health conditions or weight issues.

7. Healthcare

Implement a complete new system of healthcare with no criminality.

8. Ice and snow

For removal of all ice and snow from footpaths in town centres and ideally within town boundaries. Additionally, for gritting and clearance of ice and snow from all car parks and roads within town boundaries.

9. Modern procedures

For removal of all unnecessary and old or risky procedures e.g. dental drilling and extractions, radiation in medicine, vaccination etc. etc. 

10. Modern products

For a ban on a variety of products including lawnmowers with fuel in them, liquid correction fluid and thinner, etc. as well as more modern products. Healthy foods, personal care, sanitiser, nail varnish, make-up, household and other products, free from alcohol, metals and harmful chemicals.

11. Modern designs

For the removal of items such as door saddles and steps, where possible, in houses and public buildings. Buildings, streets and services designed to meet the requirements of more people e.g. less lampposts, safer buildings, safer steps and floors.

Change in progress

12. Remove metals

Furthermore, for removal of metals such as mercury and aluminium etc. In particular removal from dentistry (fillings, air abrasion etc.), food, food packaging, medicines, personal care products, vaccines etc. Also, for removal of metals in dentistry free of charge from people’s mouths.  Mercury progress: European Council and Minamata convention on mercury.