Plan for the liver

Plan for the liver

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the liver helps ensure the flow of qi throughout the body and regulates the volume of Blood in the body. The liver may also influence eyes, nails, muscles and sinews.

  • The body needs physical activity (not excessive) as well as sufficient rest.

  • Minimising blood loss and building blood particularly if any deficiency.

  • Regular meals are useful e.g. 3 per day.

  • Consider natural personal care products and minimise your exposure to harmful chemicals, preservatives or metals (e.g. in your home, diet, workplace and in or on your body).

  • Spring clean the intestines annually as a minimum if you have any excess weight or constipation using the spices, soups, herbs and foods below. However it is useful to work on the intestines regularly by using spices such as cumin, turmeric and garam masala in your diet as well as other foods such as wholegrain brown rice particularly until you have no excess weight. In fact, if you work on your gut regularly you may not need a spring clean of the gut or too much of a spring clean.

  • Boost the body with water, herbal teas and vegetable juices instead of sugary products, sweeteners or alcohol.

  • Limit: sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, fatty / greasy foods, white flour, stress, anger, overwork and exposure to cold.

  • Some additional items I like – dandelion tea (high quality), milk thistle complex drops (tincture not tablets to help with detox), mild curries (not excessive), vegetable soups, vegetable juices, onion and garlic. When making soup, once cooked with spices etc, I sometimes blend one raw onion and a few cloves of garlic into the pot at the end. If this is ok on your stomach you could increase to 2 raw onions for example. If spices or onions are sore on your stomach then discontinue and find a milder spice or product to help. 

  • Acupuncture and t’ai chi etc. may move qi.

Note: Seek professional advice when necessary, e.g. for removal of metals such as fillings and suitability of the above if you have a medical condition or are pregnant. Usually best not to detox when pregnant. For eye problems also consider a checkup with an optician.