Story Behind the Blog

Welcome to my complementary healthcare blog

By U McRory

From childhood health issues through finding no hope, optimism appeared through changes in diet, lifestyle and complementary therapies. This blog is as a result of many years of study, practice and discovering what worked best for me and hopefully this will save you time and money in your quest for health.

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“Many thanks to those books, people and therapies that helped transform my life.”

Blog Disclaimer

Thoughts, comments, views, recipes etc in this blog are all available for information. Any actions taken as a result of reading this blog are at your own risk. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an existing health condition, are concerned about your health, are a child, or on medication, please seek professional advice as not all foods, herbs, juices, spices, supplements, vegetables etc. may be suitable. This blog is not written for children and not all content may be suitable for children.