Evict ennui and exhaustion!

Evict ennui and exhaustion!

Find the root causes!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine moderation is usually best. Too much exercise, study or work for a prolonged length of time may exhaust the body physically as well as affect the Qi and Blood. The length of time will depend on the person’s original constitution as well as ongoing factors such as diet, health, rest, shock, stress, alcohol intake etc. While it would appear that a person can keep up a hectic lifestyle, over time, this can take its toll and sometimes symptoms that appear to be sudden may have taken a significant length of time to develop. Exhaustion may have a physical cause such as infection, injuries, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, gut problems, toxicity and vaccination but there may be other factors such as ennui, fear, grief, shock and stress. Find the root causes! There is usually more than one root cause. If you cannot find the root causes then consider your symptoms – do they relate to your kidney, liver, gut or poor diet etc? Rest may be necessary. In addition consider the following if you are not pregnant (if pregnant seek professional advice):

1. Remove all sugar, alcohol and any harmful chemicals from your diet, household and personal care products e.g. sanitisers, perfumes, nail varnish, makeup and any other products that go directly on your skin.

2. Consider stopping any supplements you are taking or products such as clay, hemp, wheatgrass etc (I felt worse on wheatgrass and other products). Stop all blood testing, blood donation (unless only a small pinprick) and no vaccines.

3. Try at least 1 week of green juice on this blog, 1 bottle of milk thistle complex drops (tincture), 1 box of dandelion tea  (high quality) and 1 box of Golden Rod and Knotgrass herbal tea mentioned in the kidney section or up to two or three months if you feel you are improving. Severe cases could take longer and I would seek professional advice if the case is severe. Watermelon maybe useful also, particularly if you have used too many chemicals in products on your skin. This is in addition to your regular 3 meals a day (do not fast). 

4. Really start to work on your gut and blood if necessary (see relevant sections of this blog) and introduce the turmeric nightcap for at least a month. Once you feel better you can consider removing mercury and aluminium fillings if you have any etc. Only reintroduce supplements if you feel that you still need them, ideally one at a time, and if you feel worse on any then consider not taking them in future. I found that using mostly foods is better in the long term. However, I do not use hemp or wheatgrass. I avoid clay and many other products!

Ideally, spend time on enjoyable exercise but only when you have enough energy to spare (t’ai chi is useful to start with if you are very tired), study and work preferably somewhere that suits you including regular rest and relaxation. Walking is also an easy introduction to exercise. 

Acupuncture is also worth considering to help reduce tiredness.

Evict ennui and exhaustion!