Wonderful Winter

Wonderful Winter

Hope you have a wonderful Winter.

Winter remedies

Sore throat – Suck Urticalcin tablets as per the product instructions (from The Nature Doctor by Dr Vogel 1995 edition). Gargle with warm water and a small bit of salt (spit out after gargling). I found that gargling with a few drops of tea-tree oil in warm water which I then spat out helped. (Do not swallow tea-tree oil. Some places now recommend not putting tea-tree oil in the mouth – if you do it is at your own risk). Keep gargling at least 3 times a day until the sore throat eases. Do not keep gargling or taking Urticalcin for a sore throat – a few days should be more than enough to ease a sore throat. Sometimes with Urticalcin it may even heal in one or more doses depending on the severity.

Cold – add fresh root ginger to curries, warm drinks, soups and or vegetable juices. A winter juice that I like: peel 1 orange, wash 2 sticks of celery and cut into chunks, peel a small piece of root ginger and put in a blender (put the orange at the bottom and celery at the top). Add half a cup of warm water and blend. (Note: use warm water in cold weather. Ginger has many benefits but is not suitable for everyone e.g. it may increase bleeding, may interact with certain medications or pregnancy etc – check out all the side-effects before use if you have any health issues.)

Flu – for flu in adults, which is usually rare, I put a few drops of rescue remedy in a half glass of warm water along with a chunk of root ginger. Leave for at least 5 to 10 mins and then add more warm water and drink the liquid. Go to a really warm bed and rest. Ideally after a night of sleep the flu will have eased. In the morning drink warm water with rescue remedy and olive bach flower remedy. This can be followed by the green in this blog juice or the winter juice above.