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Heart rules blood and head

Heart rules blood and head In addition to generating qi, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, food also helps create blood. The heart is thought to regulate the blood, control the blood vessels and blood circulation throughout the body.    The Chinese considered that a person’s complexion might indicate the status of the heart (as long as …

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Plan for the liver

Plan for the liver Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the liver helps ensure the flow of qi throughout the body and regulates the volume of Blood in the body. The liver may also influence eyes, nails, muscles and sinews. The body needs physical activity (not excessive) as well as sufficient rest. Minimising blood loss and building blood particularly if …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Wishing you a very happy New Year and hope this year is the best one yet.   Plan for the year Plan for the year including setting your new year’s resolutions. Be fit (include weight-bearing exercise) a healthy weight   Have a healthy lifestyle and diet fun enough money (save more and …

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Rescue remedy at Christmas for natural stress relief For natural stress relief during this time of year rescue remedy, a blend of five different flower remedies, may be useful to have in the house or to carry with you. Cheers!

Natural personal care products

Natural products For better health, consider natural products. Take time to look at the ingredients of all products that you put on your body and that you eat. Furthermore, some chemicals and metals in personal care products may be a factor in a variety of health issues ranging from diabetes, fatigue to infertility. Some products e.g. sanitisers, perfumes etc are even flammable! Others contain alcohol …

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Vitamin C

Making a vitamin C juice My favourite juice boost of vitamin C contains the juice of two oranges, one mango and one papaya. Remove the skins and stone from the mango, remove the skins and seeds from the papaya and put into a blender along with the juice of two oranges.  Papaya contains many nutrients and …

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Chinese Language Day

Holidaying in China Nĭ hăo. Just thinking about a beautiful month-long holiday in China. The bicycles in Beijing and scenery such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Shanghai were fabulous. Xièxie.


Happy Easter Happy Easter. I had a fantastic few days planting seeds for sunflowers and herbs. Some herbs included basil, cress, lemon balm, mint, parsley and my favourite lettuce rocket.